Practice Merger

Proposed Merger

Manor House Surgery & Howard Medical Practice


This is a brief overview of what is currently being proposed for patients of Howard Medical Practice & Manor House Surgery.

Current services and background

Manor House Surgery took over the partnership contract for Howard Medical Practice as a succession plan when their sole GP retired in September 2023.  This has been running very successfully, but as 2 separate practice lists.  The merger enables us to join the 2 practices together and give our current Manor House patients the opportunity to use our extended services over all 3 sites

We are proposing that this will come into effective in October 2024

What will this mean for Manor House Patients?

Essentially this will not affect the current services that you receive at Manor House Surgery.  It will however enable you to have the opportunity to use the Howard Street site in addition to our current Glossop & Hadfield sites, giving a wider variation of GP, ANP, Paramedic, Nurse & HCA appointments.  We have summarised the benefits below:

  1. Continuity of Care: Your current healthcare team will remain largely unchanged. Your trusted doctors, nurses, and support staff will continue to provide the same personalised care you have come to expect.
  2. Expanded Services: With the merger, we would aim to expand our range of services and facilities, providing you with access to a broader spectrum of healthcare options conveniently located in your community and at a choice of 3 sites.
  3. Improved Access: We are committed to maintaining and enhancing accessibility to care. The merger will allow us to streamline administrative processes and improve appointment availability, reducing waiting times and ensuring you receive timely medical attention
  4. Shared Resources: By pooling our resources, we can invest in advanced medical technologies, training programs for staff, and infrastructure improvements, all of which will ultimately benefit you, our patients. 
  5. Enhanced Communication: We are committed to keeping you informed throughout this engagement period and any potential future transition process. We will provide regular updates via email, our website, and in-person communications to ensure you are well-informed and have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


    We will be doing engagement activities to gather everyone's thoughts, concerns and questions. This will all be fed into the final decision-making processes.

    Engagement Events

    The Patient Participation Group (PPG) are leading on engagement events, which will be a combination of face-to-face events at the different practice sites as well as on-line events. A staff member will also attend each of the events to support with any questions.

    The dates of the engagement sessions are:

    Howard Medical Practice

    Thursday 25 July

    10am to 12pm

    Howard Medical Practice

    Thursday 25 July

    2pm to 4pm

    Manor House Hadfield

    Friday 26 July

    2pm to 4pm

    Manor House Glossop

    Monday 29 July

    2pm to 4pm

    Howard Medical Practice

    Wednesday 31 July

    2pm to 4pm


    Other ways to ask questions, raise concerns or give feedback:

    Please send your questions & feedback to our dedicated email address:

    You can also send us your query via our website:

    Or call us on 01457 860860


    What happens next?

    We will be keeping everyone informed about the next steps and the outcome of this proposal

If you would like to download a copy of this information, please click here